County Facilities Profile

County governments provide many goods and services for their residents.  Such facilities are provided to ensure the safety, well being and enjoyment of the residents.  The tools used in the process of providing these goods and services are referred to as public facilities.  These facilities represent a wide range of buildings, utilities and services that are built and maintained by many government agencies.  These facilities and services provide the county residents with social, cultural, educational, and recreational opportunities, as well as police and fire protection.  It is important for all levels of government to anticipate the future demand for their goods and services if they are to remain strong and vital.  This profile is provided to help the County evaluate their ability to meet future demands and determine what the level of services to be provided.


The Facilities section of the Red Willow County Comprehensive Development Plan reviews present capacities of all public facilities and services.  The section then presents an evaluation of these capacities compared to current demands and accepted standards to determine whether the capacity is adequate, and determine future adequacy of these facilities and services.  Finally, recommended improvements where public facilities are not considered adequate for present or future needs are made.


The Facilities Plan for Red Willow County is divided into the following categories:

§         Recreational Facilities

§         Educational Facilities

§         Fire, Rescue and Police Protection

§         County Buildings

§         Transportation Facilities

§         Communication Facilities

§         Public Utilities

§         Health Facilities


Recreational Facilities



Red Willow County is located in the South Central (IV) Recreational Planning Region and is managed by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.  This region encompasses 13 counties.  Below is an inventory and summary of recreational facilities located in and/or near Red Willow County.


Middle Republican Natural Resources District

Red Willow County is located within the boundaries of the Middle Republican Natural Resource District (MRNRD) which has implemented programs in accordance with state outlined responsibilities. The Middle Republican Natural Resources District in Curtis in Frontier County, located 35 miles North of McCook. Nebraska’s NRDs are assuming a greater share of the responsibility for providing fish and wildlife habitat and outdoor recreation activities.  Currently the MRNRD does not own or operate any recreational facilities in Red Willow County.  Recreation areas developed that are built and operated by the NRD offer opportunities for camping, biking, picnicking, boating and fishing. NRD’s have the eminent domain authority and may levy a local property tax to fund their programs.  By cooperating with other state, local, and federal agencies, combining and administering funds, NRD’s, provide a wide variety of services which help protect and conserve Nebraska’s natural resources. 


Red Willow State Recreational Area (SRA) is located 11 miles north of McCook in southwest Frontier County and was completed in 1962.  The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission administers the lake’s recreation.  This SRA covers 4,372 acres of land including 1,628 in Lake Area. Fishing is allowed for bass, crappie, northern pike, white bass, wiper and walleye.  There are modern camping and recreational facilities at the SRA, as well as hunting and boating.  There is a designated swimming beach and modern restrooms.


Red Willow County contains three Wildlife Management Areas.  These include Red Willow Diversion, Bartley Diversion Dam, and Burton.


Other Recreational Activities near Red Willow County

Medicine Creek State Recreation Area encompasses 8,500 acres of public land and water in southeast Frontier County; 2 miles west and 7 miles north of Cambridge. The dam on Medicine Creek is a earth-filled structure. It is 165 feet high and 5,665 feet long. At the top of the conservation pool, the lake covers 1,850 surface acres, with 29 miles of shoreline. Completed in 1949, the dam is 30 feet wide at the top and 840 feet at the base. Water stored irrigates 16,630 acres of land near the SRA. With the long narrow configuration of the lake Medicine Creek offers plenty of recreational opportunity, plus private spots to get away from it all. Over 5,500 acres have been extensively managed for wildlife habitat. Facilities at Medicine Creek for camping and picnicking range from the most modern to just the essentials. Shady Bay Campground on Trail-No. 4 on the east-side of the lake has hard-surfaced camping pads. Most are shaded, and there are electrical hookups. Shady Bay also has showers, flush toilets, boat ramps, a swimming beach, trailer dump station, water wells and barbecue grills. More camping is located on Trail No. 1, where there are a modern shower/latrine, picnic shelters, water, parking, and boat ramps. There are boat ramps on Trail No. 3 and other camping sites scattered around the lake that have trail road access. The private concession on the south side of the dam on Trail No. 1 offers a restaurant, grocery items, camping supplies, bait, tackle, boat rental, gas, modern air conditioned cabins, hunting, fishing and park entry permits.


Massacre Canyon Historical Marker & Visitor Center is located 3 miles east of Trenton on U.S. Highway 34.  This monument was erected in 1931 as a memorial to the last major battle fought between Indian tribes in the United States.  The battle took place on August 5th, 1873 between the Sioux and the Pawnee in the canyon just west of the Monument.  The 91-ton monument is made of pink granite and stands 35 feet high.  Carved at the top and facing west is the face of John Grass, a noted Sioux Indian.  The visitor center was constructed in 1999 and features the history of the battle as well as stories of the early history of the early pioneers in the area.  The building is handicap accessible, has modern restrooms and snack machines.  There is a pavilion for picnicking and the enjoyment of a panoramic view of the canyon.  


Swanson Reservoir is located two miles west of Trenton on US Highway 34.  The area is approximately 6,131 acres; 1,157 acres in pasture and 4,974 acres of water.  There are several cooking grills, as well as picnic shelters available.  Camping is allowed and shower facilities are available.  There is a 48-mile mountain bike and hiking trail system that winds around the reservoir.  The area is wheelchair accessible and fishing is allowed in designated areas.  Concessions are available and non-wake boating is allowed.  There is a park office on site and playground equipment.   The wildlife management area that is in the State Recreational Area is 2,800 acres in size.  Hunting of pheasant, wild turkey, duck and deer is allowed in this area, but not in the State Recreational Area. The site is open 24 hours a day from May 5th to October 1st of each year.


Enders Dam and Recreation Area is 5 miles east and 4 ½ miles south of Imperial and was completed in 1951.  The area has a 1,707-acre lake with a 26-mile shoreline.  It stores water to irrigate some 21,000 acres of land.  There is camping, picnic tables, fishing, boat ramps and modern restrooms at this facility.  The entire area covers 5,300 acres.  The Enders Wildlife Refuge covers 2,146 acres on the western side of the lake.  Hunting for big game, waterfowl, and upland game is allowed on public property along the river, west of the refuge.  Totally, there are about 1,500 acres of land with managed habitat, open to hunters.


Harlan County Lake is an U.S. Corps of Engineers’ project covering 31,000 acres of water surface.  Harlan County Lake is Nebraska’s second largest lake and is located 1 mile south of Republican City, which is 50 miles east of the Red Willow County line. Harlan County Lake is about nine miles long and has 75 miles of shoreline.  The Corps maintains six established campgrounds, and the entire facility is open to the public.  The Lake’s primary benefits include flood control and irrigation, however, the lake also provides pollution abatement, recreation, including all types of boating, fishing, wildlife habitat and hunting.


Norton Reservoir Located 3 miles southwest of Norton in Kansas on KS 383. This is a 2,230 surface acre lake known as Keith Sebelius Reservoir. Adjacent to the reservoir is the 5,500 acre Norton Wildlife Area and Prairie Dog State Park. Both of these locations offer excellent opportunities to view and photograph wildlife. More than 20 miles of roads provide a chance to see Mule, Whitetail deer, turkey, pheasant, prairie chicken, and more. During the winter, enjoy bald eagles, ducks, geese, and even the occasional glimple of an osprey.


Private Recreational - Golf Courses


Heritage Hills is located in McCook and is a 6,715-yard 18-hole golf course.  Tee times are accepted up to one week in advance.  The facilities include: putting green, driving range, chipping green, practice bunker, lessons, club rentals, cart rental, pull carts, lockers, showers, snack bar, bar and meeting room.  This facility is a member of the Nebraska Golf Association.


Broken Tee a 9-hole par three course located in McCook.


Hayes Center Golf Course is a 9-hole municipal golf course with sand greens. Yearly memberships are available for users. Restroom facilities located near the Hayes County fairgrounds are available to golfers.


Wauneta Golf Course is a public/private 9-hole course with sand greens located just north of Wauneta along U.S. Highway 6. Hall and restroom facilities are located in the clubhouse situated on the golf course.


Trenton Golf Course is located one mile north and one-half mile west of Trenton and is a 9-hole course.


Benkelman County Club is located outside of Benkelman on U.S. Highway 34 and is a 3,159-yard 9-holes golf course.  Tee times are not required and it cost $15 to play all day.  Their facilities include a putting green, chipping green, driving range, cart rental and concessions.  This facility is a member of the Nebraska Golf Association.


Enders Lake Golf Course is located in Enders and is a 3,296-yard 9-holes golf course.  Tee times are not required.  Their facilities include: putting green, driving range, rental clubs, motorized cart rentals, pull carts, snack bar, bar, meeting room, tennis, swimming, and a pro-shop.  No spikes are allowed on the greens and this facility is a member of the Nebraska Golf Association.


Arrowhead Meadows is located in Curtis and is a 3,442-yard 9-holes golf course.  Tee times are required one week in advance.  These facilities include: putting green, chipping green, practice bunker, driving range, rental clubs, rental carts, pull carts, snack bar, restaurant, and meeting room.  No spikes are allowed on the course and the facility is a member of the Nebraska Golf Association.


Educational Facilities


The public schools in Nebraska are grouped into six classes, depending upon the type of educational services provided and the size of school district.  Since 1990, Class 1 districts have had the ability to “affiliate” with Class 2, 3, 4, and 5 districts in order to provide a high school education to the district’s students.  The six classes, as defined by the State of Nebraska, are:

Class 1  Any school district that maintains only elementary grades.

Class 2            Any school district with territory having a population of one thousand (1,000) inhabitants or less that maintains both elementary and high school grades.

Class 3            Any school district with territory having a population of more than one thousand (1,000) and less than one hundred thousand (100,000) that maintains both elementary and high school grades.

Class 4            Any school district with territory having a population of one hundred thousand (100,000) or more and less than two hundred thousand (200,000) inhabitants that maintains both elementary and high school grades.

Class 5            Any school district with territory having a population of two hundred thousand (200,000) or more that maintains both elementary and high school grades.

Class 6            Any school district that maintains only a high school.  The territory of Class 6 districts is made up entirely of Class 1 districts (or portions thereof) that have joined Class 6.


Public Schools

There are five public school districts that serve Red Willow County. Several school districts from neighboring counties also serve remote areas of the County.  The public school districts serving the majority of Red Willow County students are located in and around the communities of Indianola and Bartley. All five School Districts offer kindergarten, however only McCook Public, Republican Valley Public and Twin Valley Public Schools offer through grade 12.  The districts serving Red Willow County are shown in Figure 3, and are:

§         Fitch Public Schools                                   Class 1             District Number 73-0008

§         McCook Public Schools                             Class 3             District Number 73-0017

§         Red Willow County (District 41)                 Class 1             District Number 73-0041

§         Republican Valley Schools              Class 3             District Number 73-0109

§         Twin Valley Public Schools             Class 2             District Number 73-0170


Table 20: Public School Fall Enrollment

Districts Serving Red Willow County, 1999-2000

Source:  Statistics and Facts about Nebraska Schools, Nebraska Department of Education, 1999-2000


Table 20 shows fall enrollment for the 1999/2000 year by grade, for each public school district serving Red Willow County. Only one public school district, McCook offers a pre-kindergarten program.


Table 21:  School District Valuations and Cost Per Student(ADA)*

Districts Serving Red Willow County, 1998-1999

Source:  Statistical Information for Public School Districts, Nebraska Department of Education, 1998-1999

* Average Daily Attendance


Table 21 shows the valuation and cost per student for the school districts serving Red Willow County.  Facilities in the school district, at the time of the plan, were adequate and meeting the needs of the faculty and students.  Buildings and learning tools should be continually updated as identified in annual review of facilities and resources. The average cost per student, as compared to the state’s average, is higher. This denotes a strong commitment towards the education of the youth in Red Willow County.


Private Schools

There are two private schools in Red Willow County including Victory Christian and Saint Patrick’s. Both of these Schools are located in McCook.


Educational Service Unit

The Public School Districts in Red Willow County are a member of Educational Service Unit Number 15, which is headquartered in Trenton and serves six (6) counties in southwest Nebraska.  Services available include computer instruction, speech therapy, school nurses and Title 1 program.


Southwest Area Training Service (SWATS)

“SWATS” is a trainable facility for the developmental disabled individuals and basically serves people ages 21 and older. It has supervised residential living facilities and independent living facilities.


Post Secondary Schools

The one post secondary educational opportunity in Red Willow County is McCook Community College. McCook Junior College was founded in 1926 as the first two-year post-secondary institution in Nebraska. It was established as part of the McCook Public Schools, because the residents of McCook recognized the need for post-secondary education in southwest Nebraska.


The college was renamed McCook Community College in 1973 when it became part of the Mid-Plains Community College Area. With two other campuses in North Platte, the Mid-Plains Area encompasses 18 central Nebraska counties and is governed by an 11-member elected Board of Governors.


During the 1998-99 school year, 1,280 students were served in credit classes with more than 15,166 semester hour credits earned. There were 387 full-time students and 449 part-time enrolled. The Community Services Department, which handled off-campus programs, business training, in-services, workshops, and seminars, served a total of 3,700 students in 1998-99 with more than 32,000 contact hours in continuing education and non-credit classes.


The Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture, with a student capacity of approximately 450 students, occupies a 78-acre campus which adjoins the town of Curtis, Nebraska, on the northeast.

The facilities on campus include Ag Hall, which houses the Agribusiness Management Systems, the Supporting Studies instructional majors, and the College's administrative offices including Financial Aid, Student Services, Academic Affairs and the Business office. Along with those offices, the bookstore is also located in Ag Hall. In January, 2000, the Learning Resource Center opened its doors. The old conservation building was renovated to the Library and the Information Systems Office now reside there. A new student computer lab is also located there. There are two residence halls on campus (1 men's and 1 woman's). The woman's residence hall houses the College cafeteria. The Horticulture Systems complex includes two greenhouses and a classroom building. Agriculture Mechanics has an instructional building and complete shop facilities. The Agriculture Production Systems/Veterinary Technology complex includes large and small animal working facilities, surgery rooms, radiology department and kennels. A new livestock Teaching Center, which includes an indoor arena, was completed the summer of 2000. Several classrooms and offices for APS/VT instructors are also located there.


The College also owns a 392-acre farm which serves as a field laboratory. The farm includes grain storage facilities, cattle growing and finishing facilities, and a completely diversified dry land and irrigated farming operation. In addition, the land laboratory has 1100 acres of grassland for our cow/calf herd.


Other higher level educational opportunities nearest to Red Willow County residents include:

§         University of Nebraska at Kearney  Public  (Kearney)

§         Central Community College  Public  (Grand Island, Hastings, Columbus)

§         Hastings College  Private  (Hastings)

§         McCook Community College  Public  (McCook)

§         Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture (Curtis)

§         Distance learning (at the High School) From UNK, and others.

§         University of Nebraska at Lincoln  Public  (Lincoln)

§         Doane College  Private  (Crete)

§         Chadron State College  Public  (Chadron)

§         Concordia University  Private  (Seward)

§         Mid-Plains Community College  Public  (North Platte)

§         Midland College  Private  (Fremont)

§         Nebraska Wesleyan College  Private  (Lincoln)

§         Southeast Community College  Public  (Lincoln, Beatrice, Milford)

§         Union College  Private  (Lincoln)

§         Western Nebraska Community College  Private  (Scottsbluff, Sidney, Alliance)

§         York College  Private  (York)

§         Kansas State (Manhattan, Kansas)


Fire, Rescue and Police Protection


Fire and Rescue Protection

Fire Protection in Red Willow County is the responsibility of six (6) fire districts (See Figure 4). All six (6) fire districts are headquartered within Red Willow County. The major concerns of the fire departments are the many acres of open range, farmland, cities and villages, rural residential fires and hazardous materials storage in Red Willow County.  The Fire Departments providing fire protection in Red Willow County belong to the Red Willow Mutual Aid District, which includes the Departments’ of Bartley, Danbury,

Indianola, Lebanon, McCook, and Red Willow Western (McCook Rural Fire Department.)


Fire protection is provided by volunteer force of approximately sixty (##) firefighters, who serve within the six (6) County based Fire Districts.  Historically, the volunteers have fulfilled that capacity exceptionally well.  Each of the districts provides regular training for the firefighters and continues train personnel as needed.  The tools and equipment used by the firefighters is considered in good condition, while future maintenance and occasional replacement will be required to ensure the Fire District remains effective. Fire Districts that provide fire protection in Red Willow County are shown in Figure 4, and include:

§         Bartley

§         Danbury

§         Indianola

§         Lebanon

§         McCook

§         Red Willow Western Rural Fire Department


Police Protection

The Red Willow County Sheriff’s Department is located in the City of McCook, at the Red Willow County Jail Facility. The Department consists of a Sheriff, 3 full-time deputies, 8 reserve deputies, and two office personnel. The City of McCook retains its own police department. The remaining communities are provided law enforcement and public safety by the Red Willow County Sheriff’s Office, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  The County has a communication system that includes 911 service; this unit is located at the McCook Police Department.  The County has a holding cell located in the Red Willow County Jail Facility.


Red Willow County also has an active Sheriff’s Posse that consist of 19 non-sworn volunteers.


Law enforcement services are also provided within Red Willow County by the Nebraska State Patrol.  Troop D of the Nebraska State Patrol maintains an office North Platte, and covers a 23-county area.  Troopers are also stationed in Holdrege and Grand Island.


Table 22:  County Law Enforcement Data, Red Willow and Nearby Counties, 1997 to 1999

Source:  Crime in Nebraska, Nebraska Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice, 1996, 1997, 1998


Table 22 shows the total number of law enforcement officers and the number of law enforcement officers per 1,000 population for Red Willow County and other nearby counties for 1997, 1998, and 1999.  The determination of law enforcement strength for a certain County is based on such factors as population density, size and character of the community, geographic location and other conditions that exist in the area.  Red Willow County has stayed stable in the number of law enforcement officers employed, due to the reduction of four deputies over the past three years. The County has also stayed slightly below law enforcement levels per 1,000 when compared with surrounding counties. One more deputy has been approved for the 2001 budget year bringing the count up to 3 full time deputies.


County Buildings


The County maintains several buildings in its effort to provide services to its residents.  This section will provide a brief overview of those buildings and their condition.


The Red Willow County Courthouse is located in the City of McCook.  This building houses the County Clerk, County District Court, county court, driver’s examination office, probation, County Treasurer, County Attorney, Register of Deeds, County Assessor, and the County Commissioners meeting room. The Sheriff’s Department is located in a building directly attached to the courthouse. The building is in good condition and is adequate for present needs for all of the services housed within.  There are no plans for any major construction during the planning period.  Modifications have occurred in the past to bring the building into compliance with ADA regulations.


The Red Willow County Fairgrounds are located in McCook.  The facilities are in good condition.  The County Fair Board manages the fairgrounds. The Health Department and the County Extension are located within the County Fairgrounds within the Agricultural Complex. The Fair Manager is located within the Community Building.


The three maintenance shops are located in the following communities; McCook, Bartley, and Danbury. The are used primarily for storage of equipment of the maintenance crews of the county. The County Roads Department is located in the McCook shop.


Transportation Facilities


Truck Line Service

Several truck companies transport livestock and agricultural produce within and out of the County. These Include:

Nearest Terminal                   Company

Arapahoe, Nebraska                            Coffman Trucking

Arapahoe, Nebraska                            Carpenter Trucking

Benkelman, Nebraska                          Oarman Trucking

Culbertson, Nebraska                          Hagan Trucking

Denver Colorado                                  Swift Trucking

Lincoln, Nebraska                    Crete Carrier Corporation

McCook, Nebraska                 Fritz Trucking

McCook, Nebraska                 Sis Trucking

McCook, Nebraska                 Consolidated Motor Freight

North Platte, Nebraska             Brown Transport

North Platte, Nebraska             Nebraska Transport

Omaha, Nebraska                                Warner Trucking


The United Parcel Service, Federal Express and U.S. Postal Service provide package delivery service in Red Willow County.


Railroad Service

The Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad line runs through the approximate middle of Red Willow County, with another line running through the southern portion of the county operated by NKC Railroad. There are several loading/unloading terminals in Red Willow County for grain, which has a limited service. These lines run approximately 13 freight trains daily. Amtrak has a terminal in McCook for passenger service on the Super-line California Zephyr running east to Chicago and west to Denver, Salt Lake City, and San Francisco. The other closest passenger service are located in Holdrege and Hastings.


Bus Service

The local bus service in Red Willow County, running service from McCook and Lincoln is the Road Dashabout Roadrunner. Another bus service in the area is the Hitch & Hay sponsered by Hitchcock and Hayes County. This service is fee based and pick up is available at homes of users. In addition to the Hitch & Hay bus service there is the McCook Handi-Bus, funded by federal, state, and local funds, is designed to provide public transportation with priority to senior citizens and/or disabled people. For travel outside of Nebraska residents rely on Greyhound bus service that has locations in North Platte and Kearney.


Taxi Service

The only taxi service in the county is provided by High Plains Cab Service.



The following are public airports located in the area:


McCook Municipal Airport is a commercial service airport, and currently has 24 single engine and 1 multi engine aircraft based at the airport.  The airport experiences approximately 17,800 annual operations.  The main runway surface is 75’ x 4,000’ concrete and is rated in good condition, the second runway is 6,448 x 100’ with a concrete surface, and the third runway is 1,350 x 200’ with a turf surface. The airport is owned and operated by the City of McCook. 


North Platte’s Lee Bird Field is a commercial service airport, and currently has 45 single engine, 8 multi engine, and 2 business jet aircraft based at the airport.  The airport experiences approximately 31,772 annual operations.  The main runway surface is 150’ x 8,000’ concrete and is rated in good condition.  The airport offers passenger service through the Mid-West.  Other services such as medical services benefit greatly from this airport.


Central Nebraska Regional Airport located in Grand Island is under public ownership and operated by the Hall County Airport authority. Currently there are 35 single engine aircraft and 23 multi-engine aircraft based at this airport. Annually there are approximately 48,765 aircraft operations that include air carrier, commuter, air taxi, local, and military air traffic. The runway itself is 7,188 feet long with a width of 150 feet with an asphalt surface.


The following are private airports located in the area:

Lee Field is a private airstrip located near Bartley, Nebraska. The main and only runway is 2,100’ by 125’ with a turf surface. There are currently 7 single engine aircraft based out of this airport.


Hoyt is a private airstrip located near McCook, Nebraska. The main and only runway is 4,000’ x 500’ with a turf surface. There are currently no aircraft based at this airport.


Communication Facilities


Telephone Services

Great Plains Communications, Quest, and Heartman Telephone are the local telephone carriers for Red Willow County.  The County is covered by different telephone exchanges.  Long distance carriers in the area include Sprint, MCI, and AT&T.


Internet Services

Internet Service Providers located in McCook are Pinpoint Communications, McCook Net, and Net Quest-Office Computer Systems. Alltel Internet Service-Alltel of Lincoln also provides Internet service.


Radio and Television

Presently there are six radio stations located in Red Willow County all located in McCook; KSWIN-FM (93.9), KICX-FM (96.1), KRKU-FM (98.5), KIOD-FM (105.3), KBRL-AM (1300), KNGN-AM (1360). There are several local FM and AM radio stations broadcasting out of Holdrege, Lexington, Oberlin, Kansas, and Phillipsburg, Kansas.  The stations broadcasting from Holdrege are KUVR-FM (97.7) and KUVR-AM (1380).  Stations broadcasting out of Lexington include KRVN-FM (93.1), KRVN-AM (880), KFNF-FM (101.1) out of Oberlin, and KKAN-AM (1490) out of Phillipsburg, Kansas.


Rural residents of Red Willow County must rely on satellite television for a complete signal, in various areas the three national networks are available with the use of a satellite from the nearby communities of Axtell and Overland, Kansas. 



There are two communities in Red Willow County that have newspapers. These include the Indianola News and the McCook Gazette which is the County’s legal newspaper.  Other newspapers subscribed to in the county include the Hastings Tribune, the Kearney Hub, Omaha World Herald, Lincoln Journal Star, and the Denver Post.


Public Utilities


Electrical Service

Electrical service in Red Willow County is provided by four Public Power Districts; Nebraska Public Power District, McCook Public Power District, Twin Valley Public Power District, South Western Public Power District. Within each of these districts there are further divisions which serve the county.


Natural Gas and Propane Service

K & N Energy provides Natural Gas to county residents and propane is provided by private dealers.


Refuse Collection

Dan’s Sanitation, DF-R Inc, and Schaben provide refuse collection in rural Red Willow County. Household hazardous waste is collected by Red Willow County.


Health Facilities


Medical Clinics

The McCook Clinic is connected to both the hospital and the Medical Specialist Center.  The building is owned by the hospital and leased by the McCook Clinic Corporation.  The clinic has seven full time physicians and four physician assistants.  The waiting room accommodates 58 people along with a children’s seating area.  The clinic has nurses stations, procedure rooms, physician consultation rooms, and 21 exam rooms.  Each physician’s office is grouped with a set of exam rooms for efficiency and convenience.  The clinic also contains a full-sized laboratory, x-ray department and ultrasound suite along with a sub-waiting room for patients who are utilizing these services.  The McCook Clinic is currently working in conjunction with the hospital on plans to expand the clinic facility.


Tri Valley Medical Clinics. Indianola served by Tri Valley Health Systems and provides 5 day per week 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. serve.  The total of nine medical providers rotate through this clinic and this clinic is fully staffed by support personnel to meet the needs of the community.


HealthCare Services Medical Clinic. The clinic was established in 1992 and is served by two full-time medical doctors, one part-time doctor, one full-time physician’s assistant and a support staff of nurses.  Quality HealthCare also has a clinic in Stratton.


Trenton Regional Medical Clinic is located at 406 East 1st Street in Trenton. This facility is a satellite clinic of the Community Hospital in McCook, Nebraska.  The building was constructed in 1995 and is in excellent condition.  This facility is has one full-time physician’s assistant and one medical doctor who works once a week at the facility.  There are two other employees that work at the clinic; one secretary and a RT x-ray technician/nurse.  These two employees are full-time.  There are no special programs offered and if a patient needs special care, the clinic refers them to the hospital in McCook.  The facility does have an EKG machine and does x-rays as well.  The building is adequate for the present and future needs of the community.  There are no plans to expand the facility or services in the near future.


Stratton Medical Center is located at 903 Bailey Street in Stratton and constructed in 1968.  This facility is connected to the Grandview Manor Retirement Village.  At the clinic, there is one physician, one physician’s assistant, one RN, one LPN and one helper that works with the physician’s assistant.  The facility is in very good condition and there is room for expansion.  There is an Every Woman Matters program at this clinic, but all other programs are out of the hospital in Benkelman.  There are no specialists that are in Stratton, they are referred over to Dundy County Hospital in Benkelman or Community Hospital in McCook.  The clinic does have an EKG machine at the facility, but any other special equipment is located in Benkelman.  There are special arrangements with the hospital in Benkelman and all of the employees that work in Stratton also work at the Dundy County Hospital.  The physician’s assistant handles Mondays and Thursdays, while the physician handles Tuesdays and Wednesday mornings.


Specialist Center

The Medical Specialist Center, owned and operated by the McCook Community Hospital, opened in 1994. The building is leased to six specialists who provide services for ear, nose, and throat; orthopedics; obstetrics/gynecology; general surgery; and urology.



Community Hospital is a 44-bed, not-for-profit hospital located in McCook that was constructed in 1974.  In 1989, there was a large remodeling of the facility and in 1996, another building was added to expand services in CT scanning, cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation and administrative offices.  There are five family practice physicians, a general surgeon, an anesthesiologist and two general orthopedic surgeons.  A pediatrician/internist and an additional anesthesiologist joined the medical staff in 1996.  In addition to the regular staff, nearly 30 medical specialists travel to McCook to provide specialists clinics for area residents.  Full ranges of diagnostic and rehabilitative services are offered including cardiac rehabilitation, pulmonary rehabilitation, physical rehabilitation, respiratory care and home health care.  Emergency services, an outpatient surgery department, and community and patient education services are also offered at the hospital.


Dundy County Hospital is located in Benkelman, Nebraska.  This is a 14 bed acute facility.  At this point the facilities are not large enough and expansion is taking place.  This hospital serves Benkelman, Haigler, Max, Parks and Stratton in Nebraska, as well as Bird City and McDonald in Kansas.  The building was constructed in 1968 and financed through bonds.  Medical services are available 24 hours a day through the hospital’s emergency room.  The Hospital has the following specialty services available: anesthesiology, cardiology, ENT, general surgery, oncologist, ophthalmology, orthopedics, pediatrics, pharmacology, podiatry and pulmonology.  There is a full-service laboratory, radiology department, respiratory and physical therapy supports the nursing staff. 


In addition, the hospital has a computerized coronary monitoring system, ICU, labor and delivery suites, surgical suite, isolation and combination telemedicine/endoscopy suite.  The nursing staff consists of all classifications of nurses and the number is adequate for the facility.  There are several specialists who come into the facility to assist the staff.


Cambridge Memorial Hospital effective June 1, 2001. Cambridge Memorial Hospital will enjoy Critical Access Hospital designation and consequently will have 15 acute care beds and 10 swing capacity.  Cambridge Memorial Hospital is an aggregate component of Tri Valley Health Systems.  The system also provides independent living, skilled living, and soon will provide assisted living.  In addition, Tri Valley Health System also provides Home Health, Physical Therapy, Retail Pharmacy and Medical Clinics.


Senior Facilities

Hillcrest is a 120-bed dual certified Medicare/Medicaid facility.  The home offers several levels of care which are: Medicare skilled care, long-term care, a special care unit for dementia and Alzheimer’s, adult day care, and Little Folks Childcare Center.  An Assisted Living Residence, Hidden Pines, on the lower level of Hillcrest offers six private suites and four companion suites.  The suites feature full showers, kitchenettes, and dining and sleeping areas.  Housekeeping, laundry, activities, meals, and light nursing care are services that are offered.  Amenities include two lounge areas, a great room, a lookout patio and a winding pathway through the beautiful flower gardens.


Willow Ridge Retirement Community is specially designed to meet the needs of adults, age 55 and over.  Our modern, well-appointed community with beautiful spacious landscaped grounds and friendly, capable staff provides a home that gives you the independence, peace of mind, and the security you have looked forward to in your retirement years.


This growing community provides transportation services, fine dining and weekly housekeeping and maintenance.  The community amenities feature Fitness Center, Dining Room, Activity Center, Ice Cream parlors, Computer Lab, Organ, Pianos, Clavinova Library, Den, Conservatory, Sun Room, Game Room, and Storm Shelters.  The courtyards feature sidewalks that twine around the flowerbeds.  Sitting benches and a gazebo invite you to come out and enjoy.


The Willow Ridge Independent Apartments feature spacious one or two bedrooms with a wide range of services including weekly housekeeping, maintenance, and meals, and in-house security system.


The Willow Ridge Assisted-Living features eight different size apartments.  The 24-staff provides the help you need, when you need it, which includes medication management and assistance with activities of daily living, all meals, social and wellness programs.